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labradoodles or "mutts"

"Morkies", "Schnoodle", "Labradoodle"???

If you are looking for one of these dogs, please look in your shelter or a rescue. These are NOT recognized breeds, but merely get-rich-quick creations pumped out by disreputable people to make big bucks and prey on the gullible.

These dogs are merely mongrels with high price tags. Don't be taken in!

I've been on this site for only a few months now, and everyone has been helpful. I couldn't help but notice this tag here. I own a "labradoodle" or mutt or whatever you want to call her. She's a sweetie just the same.
I just so happened to come across and read some of the things that people were saying:
A - If someone wants to pay $2500, that's their choice. I agree that this is way overpriced, but hey, what makes $2500 for a dog that says pure bred any better. Unless you show or breed them, It's still a status symbol. These dogs can be found WAY cheaper than that, so all you have to do is look if you want.
B - Calling these dogs by defenition of a mutt etc is fine, and I don't take personal offence at all, but some people get into more than that. I might think your cat's ugly, but I'd never say it.
C - These dogs may be found in kennels, as well as labs, dobermins, huskies. The list goes on. Please don't exagerate like there are 5 in every humane society.
and D - to the site admin - I personally am not Gullible or have not been taken in by anyone. Say what you want, but that sounds like an insult to me. This site is to help about pet and to inform people. That it does, but I think there are better ways of posting "informative" articles without personal insults. You don't know who you would be talking to or who might take offence.
I believe it was said by someone already, but all pure breeds started as "mutts" before. I don't care if a labradoodle ever becomes a breed to be honest, but I can say this. Even though they do have a silly name (not sure who came up with that one haha), they are a great dog from two great pure breds. Wouldn't trade my dog for the world.
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