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Originally Posted by Dog Dancer View Post
This whole thing is so sad and irresponsible. I truly hope you get your pup to a vet. She's far too tiny and young to whelp a litter of large puppies. Have her spayed as soon as possible. If you don't have the money ask your vet if they can offer a payment plan. Honestly, if you can't afford a vet trip, you can't afford to take care of your girl when she delivers or the puppies after. They will all need vet attention after birthing even if it all goes well. And puppy shots. It's such a terrible situation. Good luck to your little girl, she deserves more than this.
Thank you! I wanted to say this too , but I am new here . I agree with you 100% . I know some people breed their dogs to try and made money on the puppies, I hope the OP is not planning on doing this. I think the mother dog will need help feeding the puppies , she may be too little to nurse big puppies.
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