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Anesthesia Bad for Siberian Huskies?

Hi Cricket, I am very sorry for the loss of your dear husky Taz. I have a Siberian Husky now and had 2 years ago who have passed away.
My cat died instantly when he received a small dose of anesthesia and a friend of mine whose dog was 10, went to the vet to have his teeth cleaned to prevent heart problems. He died receiving anesthesia and after he died, the vet told her that it happens. I don't understand how he could say that so bluntly. You lose your beloved pet and then they tell you it happens!? My new vet stated that dogs & cats should receive a blood test prior to see if they can handle or will have a reaction to it.
I am currently very concerned about my husky I just adopted, fostered her, she had the best temperament a dog could have. Decided to adopt her so they immediately had her spayed and vaccinated and microchipped. When I picked her up at the vet she was happy to see me, but then got very frightened and started moving from side to side once I opened the door to leave the vet. Sort of like the got scared it felt something either physically or mentally. Got her to leave, then she saw my mom by the car and went running to greet her, when she got about two feet from the car, she started doing the same thing. Stopped in her tracks then pulled from side to side. Get her home and she is like a different dog from when I fostered her. Once she got into the house, she was jumping and was very wild. Her pupils stayed dilated quite a bit even it light. She was very bad at first. Fixating, showing her teeth, very aggressive about strange things. Like moving a table, not with her food or toys. I have had huskies and now they are bossy, but they usually have good temperament. I have had her for a month and I've been training her, but she still shows aggressiveness at times for no reason that usually would cause aggressiveness.
MY QUESTION: She was first being boarded at a vet before I fostered her, could they have been giving her something to keep her calm and this is just her real personality?
She was not given a blood test to see if she was allergic to anesthesia Could it have caused a mental problem in her? My friend had chow who had a bad mental reaction to anesthesia. Has anyone heard of Siberian Huskies having this problem?
I really appreciate anyone responding to my question. I am so upset. She has a sweet personality, is so smart , I LOVE HER!!! It makes me sick to think that something went wrong at the vet and could have been prevented. I'm training her, but I have to really watch her when she gets in her mood.
Perhaps it could just be the person who left her in the streets abused her. The reason for so many troubled dogs.
Thank you!!
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