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yes it said ear mites seldome infect humans, but I was still warty till you posted. I mean, they both sleep on my he'd, gambit always wants to sleep on my chest, nunu always cuddles up on me or next to me. But when another cat is around she's not as cuddly, but she's grown very tolerant of gambit.
I recently washed gambit cause hegad fecies pn his shoulderb blades, don't know how that got there, anyway, I washed him, and when nunu got close she hissed, guessing cause of thdchange in smell, so I took gambits blanket, and rubbeed it on him for a minute. I smelled the the blanke and realized that there was fecies on it too. So frusterated , but it would just be harmful psychologically ifi washed him again that quick, so I left it.

I did however, spray a tad bit of house freshner ( the Arabic stuff isn't as concentrated as th western stuff, it's got very little alcohol), is that ok?

Anyhow, im just gonna use olive oil.

Blah it's a pain to write so much on this thing.
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