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Originally Posted by chico2 View Post
SSS,I am sorry I was not going to reply,but you bringing Cleo back to a"terrible"place ,just riles me,one thing you should think do not get a perfectly great cat,get her used to regular food etc...and just dump her,flea-ridden and who knows what else
Cats are little lives,with feelings,in putting her back where you found her,she is probably doomed.
Your moms allergies will be the same,no matter what cat you get,so please stop rescuing,unless you are serious about it,cats are not disposable,no matter where you live.My
I agree, it was immature of me. I don't feel the slightest good about it.
On the bright side, cats there don't last one week, they are usually sold really quickly.

I will say though that it does make a difference when it comes to my mothers allergies, it's bad enough as it is, Cleo added to it significantly.

Don't think I don't understand that cats have lives, and don't think that I took it back on a whim. I'm well aware of what I did, and like I said before, I'm not proud of it. It was 24 hours, so i don't think there was too much getting used to for her. Theey feed them wet food though, but not a lot.

On the flipside though, nunu and gambit are very good together, no negativity whatsoever.
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