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Catlover, that's a good question.
Why am I making it harder for myself? Well I honestly don't know how to answer that.

Tobe fair though, I tried goin to the humane society( animal friends) and I got lost. It's about a 20 minute drive tomy house to getto thrcamping roads, then it's an hour drive or sofrom there. Ontop of that, igot lost trying to go before.
I even tried google earth but u was still confused...

Anyhow, I'm gonna take nunu and gambit for a check up together onthe 22nd or so.

Good news, gambit and nunu are getting along for the most part.
Little hissing here and there, some minor growling and bullying on nun's part (I.e. Running up, pouncing and running away).

The have small unharmful exchanes of slaps, the slow motion ones, butitslater followed Hume distracting or them just looking away from each other. Theychase eachother and whatnot, they are quite tolerant of each other so far. I took gambits stuff and put it in my room, because he meows for too LNG, and too loud.
The good thing is that they are going to eachothers litterboxes ( which I have stuckright next to eachother, but each inside a cardboard box to minimize any mess) and none gets angry at the other.

I was thinking of what mIkischo said, about howtwo cats should be able to adapt if both arenew and have not established thierterritories.
With that being said I let each out of their rooms and tookboth to neutral ground... The living room.

Anyhow, all is well so far..

Any home remedies for earmites? (yeah I know the questin seems a little far feched)

I'm open to any kind of constructive criticism, so don't hold back.


"For those whom Islam has embraced, the greatest witness to God's unremitting, pursuing, sustaining, and guiding love is the Qu'ran. Like a vast magnificent ocean, it lures you deeper and deeper into its dazzling waves until you are swept into it. But instead of drowning in a sea of darkness, as described above, you find yourself immersed in an ocean of divine light and mercy." - Dr.Jeffrey Lang
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