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I'm happy to hear you have a new kitty. Definitely pictures are a must when you get the chance.

I do wonder how you managed to convince your mom to let you have another cat given her allergy issues with Kiko. I do hope it works out this time as it would be terrible to have to rehome Nunu if problems should arise again.

That being said, I believe there are many things that can be done. Although I don't agree with bathing kitties unless absolutely necessary, I know it is done. Just try not to bathe her too often and make sure all the residue from the shampoo is rinsed out, as any shampoo residue can cause irritation. I am not familiar with the Kars shampoo you are using. Please make sure it does not also contain flea medication, as some over-the-counter flea products even here in Canada have proved to be unsafe for cats and are not recommended.

Here is a link to some tips pertaining to cat allergies:

Of course ignore the cat in bedroom or on the bed part since you are not the one who suffers from allergies.

Some people wash their cats to reduce the amount of cat allergen that is released from their cat into the air, but research seems to be conflicting about its effectiveness. Allerpet, a well-known brand of liquid that reduces cat allergen in the air, can be applied to your cats' coat and is available from your local veterinarian. Alternatively, you can get a micro fiber cloth and just damp rub down the cats' coats to rid it of visible dander. The majority of cats would prefer this to the highly dreaded bath.

I don't know if Allerpet is available in your country, but if you can get micro fiber cloths you could try sometimes using that instead of a bath.

Originally Posted by Sew-sew-steve View Post
i noticed though that she was abnormally hot, like... uncomfortable for me .

so i took her to the vet (finally eh?) and he gave her a check up.

her body temperature was a whopping 42 degrees C!!

i was surprised.

he gave me like, 5-7, green, crushable, splitable pills.

he showed me how to feed her them (which in his case ment to open her mouth, and shove it down to the back of her mouth with the "gentle" push of the end of an pen).

i tried to do it, but ended up having her spit it out, but i managed to notice that if i got it to the middle of her tongue, she'd eventually swallow it.

anyhow, 2-3 days (as the doc said) and she was eating, a healthy ammount.

im very happy to say that shes gained 100% percent of her weight back, and a little extra.
Glad to hear Nunu is feeling better and has gained weight. I have always found when I had to pill a cat, that what works well for me is, after I have put the pill as far back in the mouth as possible (I just use my fingers) I immediately stroke him/her under the chin in a downward motion. Most cats love this and not only does it help them "forget" you just put a pill in their mouth, but they naturally point their head in an upward direction. Stroking under the chin also encourages them to swallow. Works great for me anyway.

Originally Posted by Sew-sew-steve View Post
i think i can say im a much better pet owener now than i was when i had sew-sew-steve. i owe it to him to be the best owner i can, because i feel like it was my ignorance that drove him away.
Not being neutered may have had something to do with him leaving too.

You have learned a lot since you first came on here. As I have said before, learning is a lifelong experience and none of us started off knowing how to best take care of our pets. No matter what stage we are at, there is always still more for us to learn.

Originally Posted by Sew-sew-steve View Post
i will tell the vet, but i figured, why not share it for the time being? (which is two weeks until i get her vaccinated!)

her stool is black, and small.

i feed her wet food only, purina's classic patte. i have different flavours of the same stuff, to make things more "interesting" for her.
I know you are limited in your choices of available food but any wet food is better than dry for a kitty. Great that you are feeding her only wet.

Black stool is usually an indication of blood in the stool which can be there for a number of reasons. Perhaps you could try to take a fresh stool sample with you when you go for the vaccinations. This could help identify the cause. Hookworms, for example, can cause the stool to be black. I take it she has not been dewormed yet.

Again, congratulations on your new kitty. Looking forward to more updates and, of course, pictures.
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