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where to start exactly... i dont know.

well, lets just say,
(igotanewkittenandimveryexcitedthatihaveacatonceag ain) i have a new friend.

i was with my friend at the "animal flee market" about 2 weeks or so ago.

he was looking for a kitten.
we were nearing the end of our patience and were about to leave, until... my friend spotted a kitten crawling near some woooden crate kinda base-thing.

now, i went over, in hopes that he would adopt her. i asked him if he'd want it, and he gave a simple yes. so, i reached my hand out slowly to test out its boundaries. it was nice to see a kitten that didnt run away, and instead, meow.

so i touched it and petted it, it was lying down btw.

i tried pulling it gently, no irritation, just meowed some more.

so i then proceeded to pry it out of its position so my friend can take it (who later decided not to). i did instead , and well... shes amazing to say the least.

she was emaciated, and really emotionally withdrawn. didnt complain, didnt really do anything. weighed nothing.

got is some water, didnt drink much, took it home, washed it with animal shampoo, and really just gave it a nice place to crash for the rest of its life :P.

anyhow, she was really easy when it came to getting comfortable enough to sleep in some new environment.
after maybe the second day, i already had her curled up and pushed against my neck/cheek/ears while i slept. its amazing because, sew sew and kiko never let themselfs go when it came to sleep and me moving around at the same time. would always wake up. with nunu, its like... shes really sleeping lol.

i noticed though that she was abnormally hot, like... uncomfortable for me .

so i took her to the vet (finally eh?) and he gave her a check up.

her body temperature was a whopping 42 degrees C!!

i was surprised.

he gave me like, 5-7, green, crushable, splitable pills.

he showed me how to feed her them (which in his case ment to open her mouth, and shove it down to the back of her mouth with the "gentle" push of the end of an pen).

i tried to do it, but ended up having her spit it out, but i managed to notice that if i got it to the middle of her tongue, she'd eventually swallow it.

anyhow, 2-3 days (as the doc said) and she was eating, a healthy ammount.

im very happy to say that shes gained 100% percent of her weight back, and a little extra!

shes got a nice temparment, a nice coat, and beautiful eyes. oh and a cute meow too. she resembles sew sew a lot. except, shes much more orange, eyes are yellowish - dark orange, and she has a nice white torsoe.

anyhow, shes gotten used to sleeping with me from 7PM and above, so much so that she starts to meow for it.

i think i can say im a much better pet owener now than i was when i had sew-sew-steve. i owe it to him to be the best owner i can, because i feel like it was my ignorance that drove him away.

anyhow, Nunu is her name (courtesy of my mom, whom by the way loves nunu, and even sometimes walks into the room to pet her and check up on her!), she hasnt caused any allergies for my mom yet, and i think its because of the shampoo i got.

its labeled Kars, and has a crappy picture of a dog and a cat on it. labeled "deoderizing shampoo"

anyhow, i dont want to bable on very much, but im just glad that i can say im a pet owner again!

i managed to clip her nails without having to deal with any fuss, she naturally goes to my shoulder when im driving. she also likes to sleep on my lap while im driving. why i even let her do this? well she goes crazy when shes in the cage, once she figures out, that she cant leave, she doesnt like it.

anyhow, it cant be all that great without a little cons, am i right?

you know how when you get up from sitting in one spot for a long time, and you hear a crack on your elbow, or your knee or something like that?
well i've heard a crack or two from nunu since i've had her.

i will tell the vet, but i figured, why not share it for the time being? (which is two weeks until i get her vaccinated!)

her stool is black, and small.

i feed her wet food only, purina's classic patte. i have different flavours of the same stuff, to make things more "interesting" for her.

she also isnt cleaning herself that much, oh! i forgot to say that shes 3-3.5 months old.

really, a nice cat. and im gonna try and post some pics up when i can.


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