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Excessive meowing on water!

My 12 years old Siamese cat has just recently developed a new habit out of the blue. She started meowing at the water ball before drinking the water. Her new meows are very loud. She had never meowed like this before in her entire life, I didn't even know she can be that loud. She drinks a lot and very frequently. This habit since developed into excessive meowing during the night.

1. The vet ran a couple urine test and blood tests and found nothing unusual. She had no clue why my cat would act like that out of the blue.

2. Her night meowing doesn't seem to be an attention seeking. Prior to this habit she used to sleep in the bedroom. Now, she will snick upstairs for her meowing ritual and if we calling her and bringing her back to the bedroom, she seem to just wait until we fall asleep and then she run upstairs again. If we go near her up stairs she will stop and act like nothing happen and the minute we left she will go about her business. It looks like she is going through a spiritual moment talking to something we can't see. Very weird.

3. It is of course a problem since it's loud and we can sleep. As for suggestion of tiring her during the day it is not that doable due to her arthritis. She doesn't run and jump as she used to anymore.

I would appreciate any suggestions or ideas for what could cause that, and how to stop it.

Thank you
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