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I'm so glad to hear she hasn't had anymore seizures!! Our Nookie has had a few more since the last post here. We were SO scared the meningo relapsed, but hopefully we have found one of the problems, his thyroid. He started losing hair, getting aggressive and his coat was very dull. We had his thyroid checked and it was low!! I can't tell you how happy I was to hear it (it's such an easy fix). He is now on thyroid meds. His coat has come back in thicker and softer than ever, the aggression stopped and he's shiny
We had problems with aggression and seizures again about a month ago. He had 3 that were 2.5 weeks apart each (very bad ones), so of course we thought meninigitis again, but had them check his thyroid levels, and they were low again. Since we've increased the meds, the aggression is now gone again and it's been 5.5 weeks since the last seizure

I have done a lot of reading on thyroid issues as they relate to epilepsy and it's very common for the 2 to go hand in hand. From what I know now, it's the borderline low to just below that have the most seizures, which is where he was the last time. We're hoping by monitoring the thyroid we may be able to keep the seizures in check

I have also started cooking their food. Our oldest boy, Thorin, has Malignant Histiocytic Sarcoma. They removed a lung tumor in March. We are debating chemo at this point. We had decided against it, but are reconsidering now. One thing with cancer is that carbs feed it. Kibble is horrible for that. Both our boys now get:

20 ounces cooked beef
10 ounces veggies (asparagus, green beans, peas, tomatoes, spinach)
3 ounces yam or sweet potatoes
2 ounces liver
6 ounces yogurt
1 egg one day and 2 eggs the next, alternating
Bone meal

I have to say I have really noticed a difference. I don't think I will ever feed kibble again. Even the best quality is horrible for them.
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