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Originally Posted by mastifflover
That is too funny I know people always say ohh poor pekoe. She is great and she is so funny. Linda use to be in the park and pekoe would not want to walk anymore then she would see Buddy and run like what me tired no way. Linda and Ray are really nice next time you see them ask them about buddy and pekoe she always cleans his drool for him you know how messy boys can be.

I think I may have seen a picture of Buddy. Unless she plays with more then one mastiff. Never fails these poor girls have to clean up after the boys

Same as around here. Bogie drops his food as he walks and Hannah walks behind him cleaning it up!!

oops sorry to anyone following this we have certainly gotten off the subject of performatin. So again if anyone is going ot the whole life Expo drop by and say hi to me today. I am getting ready to leave and do my time !! I lvoe meeting all the people.
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