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Arlo badly needs a home

This is Arlo. He is going for his snip tomorrow and if everything else checks out - as I expect it will - he will be ready for his forever home. He is a clean, neat little fellow, loves to play (never mind that his current space, the bathroom, is about three feet square) and laps, where he leans against you like a child and puts his face up for a kiss.
He hates being locked in, cries and cries, but with the number of cats in the apartment beyond ridiculous, I am not even thinking about integrating him, it would just be extra stress on all of us. It's already enough around here.
So if you are thinking of adopting a cat, please think of springing Arlo from his prison. He seems fine with the other cats (from the little exposure he's had) and could probably stand up quite nicely to a friendly dog.
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