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Originally Posted by chico2 View Post
Wellness is excellent food,but extremely over-priced....I was kind of happy my cats did not like it I always check the ingredients and you can get "humane grade"very good food for half the price of Wellness.
I pay premium price for my cat-food,canned or dry,but paying $20+for a bag of wellness,when I get CSFPLS for $13 all the same ingredients,except Wellness uses sweet-potato instead of reg potato,does not make sense.We all want what is best for our animals and a little research will really open your eyes.
read this at the perforatrin site. my cats love that food and has completely stopped alergic reaction using the New Zeland Lamb formula. hope this helps.
Cold or flu-like symptoms may be seen, like sneezing and runny nose. Sweet potatoes offer valuable beta carotene to help fight respiratory infections.
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