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Originally Posted by Lynne&Co. View Post
Sorry I confused you. My dog (5lb papillon) is the one with diahrrea issues when she's nervous or anxious. Are you giving your kitty a break (fasting) before introducing a new food? Sometimes their system is so upset and out of whack that they just need a rest from food. Plenty of water should always be available though.

Marko's suggestion of pure pumpkin is an excellent idea. I used pumpkin all the time in the past for my weimaraner with good results. Unfortunately my papillon refuses to eat pumpkin so had to resort to the rice to get her bowels to settle.
Hi Lynne&co,

Ok thanks. Reading so much I need to slow down. Feeling a bit overwhelmed at the moment as to what my next step should be but am looking into introducing raw but not sure what animal to go with. As for fasting, to be honest, the longest I have held out for is 12 hours. A Burmese anting food is an assualt on the eardrums as you will probably know. Not sure I can do longer than 12 hours. Think will just start to introduce raw. The kangaroo hasnt worked but maybe its the amaranth GRAIN in it. So gotta wean her off that now. Its so hard to tell though - once things start to improve - whats doing it - the drugs/homeopathy or the food.


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