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I don't really think anybody has found a cure for nasal tumors. Radiation seems to have prolong their life a little bit longer.

At the time of her diagnosis, if radiation therapy was in my area, where she could be in the comfort of her own home, I'd probably would have gone through with it. It's at least a two week process. Living in a hotel would have just been added stress on her.

Since then, the more I think about it really worth it? The average life expectency after radiation therapy is a year. Would it really have been worth putting her through all that..just to have it come back at a later date??

What baffles me is how some literature online states nasal tumors only consist of 1-2% of cancers in dogs, and yet there's boards and blogs all over the internet about owners who's dog have had a nasal tumor. I think in the next few years, with modern technology, we're going to see this number go up.

I've had dogs all my life and she's my only Jack. Boy, is she obstinance. She makes me laugh...she has an attitude like she's to busy to die. Even with her being sick, she's slowed up tiny a bit, but she has not stopped. I've given up trying to get her to relax. I figure if she dies running in the yard...then she'll die happy puppy.
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