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Thanks Hazel.

It's been a frustrating journey. In Oct 2007, she was originally missed diagnosed by a novice vet....our vets son...with an enlarged heart and put her on lasix.

Around Thanksgiving she started with unilateral brownish discharge. Our vet told us she had a sinus infection. Once a dog has sinus problems, like humans, they usually have it for life.

Now, we're thinking she has heart disease and sinusitis. Every time she's had breathing problems, my first reaction is heart disease.

Right after Christmas we had her back in the vet...another sinus infection. Looking back at the vets reaction and concern, I believe he had feeling it was something more than just a sinus problem.

Two weeks after that, we had her in an ER after hours. That vet kept insisting she couldn't hear a heart murmur. Because the symptoms were similar to when she was diagnosed with heart disease, I requested to have another chest xray done. The vet said she didn't see her heart as being enlarged..certain breeds have bigger hearts than other. She highly recommended we see their internist who does both echos and scopes.

By looking at the xray, the internist confirmed she didn't have heart disease. But he did tell us she mostly likely had a nasal tumor. He said mostly every case he's seen with a dog over the age of 10 with unilateral discharge had a nasal tumor. Unfortunately, he was right.
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