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It's not a registered breeder or anything so I'm
Not sure what I can do.
I called them, told them, faxed them the vet findings and they said the vet was useless and to get a second opinion and they'd pay for
It. Then they said to just bring the pup back and get my
Money back.
Then they called again and said they sent the vet findings to
Their vet and that to wait to months and see what happens or I could just go return the pup.
I was supposed to meet them today and they Aren't answering their phone.

So that point seems to be not happening.

Either way, I still have a pup with a problem, it's not his fault and they clearly aren't working with me, so i have to accept that and figure out what's wrong with him.

I will definitely look into the pet insurance, any suggestions of who to go through?
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