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I was trying to have her sit and stay to calm her down. The problem we are running into is that she knows the basic commands, sit, stay, lay down, but she doesn't always listen to them. She will sit when told most of the time, but stay is a problem. I know she knows it, because when I feed her, she will sit and wait until I release her. But when we are outside and there are distractions, trying to keep her attention is tough. The trainer at the obediance class has given us a few suggestions, but they all seem to be when she is walking, not ways to get her attention when she's sitting. Once she's sitting, even treats don't always keep her attention. We have gotten her to the point when she pulls to hard, we stop walking and she sits. However, I have trouble with her at this point. She sits for a few seconds, then usually gets up and starts pulling again. If I can keep her attention and get around the dog without getting to close, we are ok. But basically, once she gets like that, the easiest thing to do is run in a direction that is away from the other dog. I know this isn't the best thing to do, but I'm really at a loss. I'm going to have to get to class early this week and have a long talk with the instructor.

I'm starting the think the problem is that Petunia's smarter than I am and purposely ignoring me when we're outside.
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