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Becuase of her age, try not to fuss too much with her diet. It's more important for the littles to stick with a diet that works for them, rather than risking stomach upset by trying to switch them to something "better" that works for us.

There are better kitten foods on the market, but I'd stick with the RC for now (short term) if you just switched her and she's doing alright on it. To answer your questions...

1. You can, or you can add a tbsp of wet (watch for the recalled foods) to her dry. You can also add hot water to the kibble and let it sit to soften it up.
2. Not yet.
3. I would give her more time, unless you JUST switched, in which case I'd switch her back to the babycat (back to what she did well on) and wean her onto a better brand of kitten food.
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