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I'm not alone!

We have had our dog for about a month now he is an 11 week old black lab german shephard mix, I am home with him all day mostly every day, I take him out every few hours, and I try to catch him before he messes in the house but he will only mess in a certain part of the house. Mainly in my kids rooms. He won't pee or poop anywhere else in the house. How do I stop him from doing this? He will usually do it after I take him out. I take him out and go out with him for 20-30 minutes and he will pee but won't poop, and as soon as I get him inside he pees again and poops. It is my first time owning a dog and have read pretty much every article out there but nothing seems to work.
I am also wondering about his biting. He will chew on his toys, we tell him no when he chews on the kids toys, but he also will bite my kids clothes as they are walking by. How can I stop this?
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