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My pup Bonnie does the same thing... as soon as she gets up from her bed in our family room I go to the door and ask her if she wants to go 'wee wee'. When I first brought her home at 10 weeks I started giving the need to relieve herself a name 'wee wee' seemed a good one because of my 3 year old twins who use this as well. I would walk her to the side of the house and say 'wee wee' and 9 times out of 10 she would squat and go! Don't be disheartened because I'm also toilet training 3 year old twins and they make mistakes and forget the rules. As a large/giant female she won't have complete bladder control until she is 9 months old and even then that's just an average. Bonnie had an accident today, with all the distraction with the kids and cooking dinner I missed the signs and she did a wee in the middle of my carpet and as soon as she saw the expression on my face she jumped into her bed and looked as though she was about to get scolded which told me in that action that she new that it was wrong to wee inside the house. That is the first step in training her because trying to teach an animal to not do something that they don't see as wrong is very difficult. If you have any more accidents just watch how she act immediately afterwards and that will tell you if you are on the right track with training. Good luck from one large/giant breed to another!
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