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What you have been doing by letting her out every few hours is great but it isn't teaching her how to ask to go out and you are kind of rescuing her so she hasn't learned to communicate her needs to you.

Many dogs do great with little effort, but she has shown you that when you 'drop the ball' she isn't as house broken as you thought.

What you should try to do is create some kind of communication that she gets rewarded for everytime you let her out. You can hang a bell on the door and teach her to ring it before you open it to let her out.

You also need to be able to catch her in the act in case she starts to even think about soiling in the house. If 2 hours have gone by and you start to watch her behavior and notice a change in her energy, then wait until she starts to circle or do what she does just before she goes, and give her a quick "hey" or "no" and she should look up (oops, I got caught!! look in her eyes) and then be happy and invite her outside. Go outside with her and stay with her until she goes and then praise the heck out of it. You are teaching her not to soil YOUR house but she can soil the yard. Leaders need to claim territory for the followers to respect their space.
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