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How do I make her letting me know when she has to go???

my 7-month-old golden can hold her pee/poo when she is in her crate really long, sometimes more than 8 hours. When I am home and she is in the house I let her out in the backyard every tow hours or so, never had an accidnet.....I was so happy, and I thought the housetraining is done.

HOWEVER, last night, I left her out of her crate a bit longer, I forgot letting her out, and I thoguht she was lying there quietly chewing her rawhide....When I went to put her in her crate, I saw a big pool of PEE on my floor!!!!! I was like: why didn't you tell me!!! Just bark at the door or something!

Now think of it, she never let me know when she has to pee. She will go out and pee whenever I opened the backyark door. But if I don't open the door for her, she will just hold it until.........

How do you make your dog sending you the msg when they have to pee?

Thank you!
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