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Twelve week old pup with loose stool

My pup has had some strange poops the past few days. He goes from loose stool to spongy or foamy looking stool to semi solid stool. I boiled white rice and put a little in his food and that seemed to help but every morning When I get up he's pooped in his crate, not runny but spongy like. There isn't any blood and it seems to be a normal color. He does go more often then before. He's been eating,drinking and playing as usual but Im a little worried. He has a vet appointment for Friday for vaccinations,should I just wait until then or does this sound like something serious. I also wanted to mention we have a baby pool for him and he sometimes drinks from it. It gets the occasional leaf,dirt,rocks,etc in it . He has been de wormed on schedual and had his stool checked twice since we got him because he had loose stool when we got him from the breeder. She had him on ANEBOL, I think that's what it's called.Any ideas what this could be or what I should do ? Thanks
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