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Welcome to roadman .

If your pup is only getting one walk per day, it may explain why she's getting more vocal and nippy in the evenings. At 5 months old, she needs way more exercise than just a walk. Do you play with her frequently for extended periods of time in the yard? Have you started any basic training (now would be a good time to start).

Accidents in the house do happen at that age. I would recommend that you only let her have free reign of the house while she is under constant supervision. That way, you can interrupt her and take her outside when you see signs that she is about to go.

Btw, not sure if you know the rules here, but newbies have to include at least one photo of their pets with their first post (ok, you won't find it written any where but I'm just warning you, you'll be pestered for some) .
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