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Thanks for the responses. Ya I know there is chain the picture. I don't like it either, but that's what they use to tie him up with. I bought him a the collar he's wearing and it has a good ring and i wish they would use that. I hate the choke chain, he gets so excited when someone goes to see him and he pulls and is constantly choking himself and coughing....I know it sounds bad. Anytime I put him out I never put the choke chain on him. I think I will try to convince them to not do it anymore.

As for his food, he get Ol' Roy Premium or something close to that. I didn't know that a change in his food could make a difference. But if you tell me what kind to get I will start buying the food myself. And his teeth, he does have good teeth. He is loved by his owners, they treat him nicely. They buy him treats and talk to him and pet him but they don't see dogs in the way that I do (or anybody on this forum). They've had a few dogs over the years (one lived to be 15-16) but they were never allowed in the house and were kept in the barn. I know it sounds crazy.

Their other dogs weren't tied though, I don't think. Duke has issues and cannot be left outside untied. That's mostly due to his lack of training, but they also live in a town. One time he got away and was hit by a car.

He was obviously beaten in his previous home. Also they believe he might be slightly blind in one eye.....which i could believe b/c he just doesn't see things sometimes. But overall he is a great dog and I love him to death. I make sure he knows that I love him and treat him very good. I buy him treats, and chew toys and good chews for his teeth, most importantly though I spend time with him, pet him, play with him and walk him (well I try to walk him but he usually walks me).

And I am going to take him to the vet as soon as I can. I was looking in his ears yesterday and there is a lot of buildup. But I will get that all cleared up for him.....he deserves to live healthy and pain free (especially when I can be avoided so easily).

Thanks for the advice and information.
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