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Thanks for the response. I was iffy on trying more vinegar because it hurt him so much already. I know that he scratches his ears a lot and he probably has a open sore form the scratching. Do you know of anything that would ease the itching, like aloe vera?

I will have to take him to vet. I know that his owners probably won't take him....I'm not saying they are bad ppl it's just that I really don't think they will take him. But I don't mind....i love him. I know he will need a swab of the ears....since he's had the infection so long and it's never been fully treated it's probably the safest thing to do for him.

I spend as much time as I can with him. I'm trying to train him to walk on a leash. And it's very difficult to teach a 7 year old male lab to walk on leash. He's never had any training. He's either tied up or in his kennel in a barn.

Luckily though, we live close to the vet and can walk there in five minutes. It will be quite a trip, he's never been socialized with any people or other pets. But he has met my dog Monty (before he died) and Monty's son Chimo. They got along good, Duke is extremely submissive.

Again, thanks for the response!!
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