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My vet is against it, and my dog does not do well on food over about 30%. Acana is a stretch and fed for too long she gets the runs. She does better on the other food in her rotation - Go!, TLC, and Canidae ALS - which hover between 22-26% and have good grains in them.

Remember every company, pet food or not, believes they make the best product in their category for whatever reason. Check out the Science Diet website - most people who are "into" dog food seem to think SD is not a "good" food, but the company can justify every ingredient in their food as the most nutritious for your dog. Ditto Purina, Iams, etc.

I don't think the high protein diet is good for non working dogs, and my vet (who is in his early 40s) agrees. He said "Orijen is an amazing food, IF your dogs are working dogs". When I showed him their "white paper" he said "yes, and remember the source of the information"...which is Champion...who has a vested interest in selling their products.
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