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Post At The Vet Today

Just thought that I would give an update on Duke. I took him to the vet today. As soon as we got in the door Duke decided to pee all over the floor....and not just a was everywhere! Not his fault he's not housetrained.

The vet looked at his ears and said she's never seen a case where a dogs ears looked as bad as Duke's! There is so much build up in his ears that she couldn't see his ear drum. She said that it's not a yeast infection but she is not sure what kind of infection it is. Since she couldn't see far enough into his ear. He is now taking an oral medication and a topical too. This is hopefully going to clear the infection enough so she can get a good look into his ears. After the drops are finished in 10 days or so, he will go back. And get his ears cleaned out and probably get another topical medication to clear the infection . The vet is hoping that it is not a resistant type of infection...and I am too.

And, when we left the office and went into the waiting area to pay and get the meds, Duke decided he would pee all over the floor....again. Luckily we were the only people there. But as embarassing as it was, it's not his fault...he doesn't know any better.

It will take a long time to get his ears back to normal, but I'm going to get him well again.

I will keep everyone updated on how he's doing. Thanks for listening!!!!
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