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Cats here too

My Jaeger and Mooki were great at the vet

Messina is an attention whore when she goes...only prob is when there is another kitty there not having much fun, she wants to be near them and she will start fussing until she sees the other kitty...I have been known to put her cage down in front of the kitty and soon the kitty shuts up and relaxes...Messina is such a good little momma. boy Seth. It's not so much the vet he doesn't like, it's being put into the carrier and being touched by me and the vet. He is another one who is scared to the point of just sitting there not moving, which is great to get all the things done that need to be done, but I feel for him :sad:

All are quiet in the truck...Jaeger used to sit on my shoulders while I was driving...seems like forever ago now.
Mooki & Jaeger

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Seth - Brown Tabby
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