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Originally Posted by winterone View Post
@Myka - even if the portions are controlled, you recommend leaving the food down for only 15 minutes twice a day? Scully, the overweight one, is notorious for having a few bites then being okay to walk away
Not Myka, but I don't recommend feeding just twice a day unless you have a cat that gorges on food left out. If Scully is used to eating several small meals a day (which is more natural cat behaviour), then I would either leave out the canned food for her to snack on, or feed her smaller portions several times a day. Just make sure she's getting an appropriate amount of calories for her to lose a safe amount of weight (no more than 2% per week). Do you know how much she weighs now and what her ideal weight should be?

Originally Posted by winterone View Post
(one of the many reasons why I just couldn't understand why she became overweight!)
Probably because she was returning to the bowl to have a few nibbles many times a day. Just like people, cats often eat out of boredom. Also high carb foods don't trigger a feeling of satiety the way that protein does for cats, so they'll often eat more calories of a high carb food than they would a high protein food. And then the fact that carbs are more likely to be stored as fat, and you have ideal conditions for creating a fat cat.

Originally Posted by winterone View Post
Does anyone have a favorite (preferably Canadian) wet food?
I like Wellness, Nature's Variety, By Nature Organics, Weruva, Precise, Addiction...... I also think it's important to rotate brands/flavours regularly in order to ensure a better balance of nutrients and to avoid a cat from getting sick of or addicted to one particular food.

For Canadian brands, there's Go! by Petcurean. Can't think of any others right now....
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