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Unhappy Elder dog yelps for no reason - Answered by Dr. Van Lienden

My 15 + yrs old dog is starting to cry or "yelp" for no reason. She often stands in one place, staring at the floor, and not moving for several minutes. She is deaf and almost completely blind. This evening alone she:
1: was standing at the end of the hallway with her face against a wall crying out
2: after I went down and petted her, she followed me to the kitchen. She began to eat and between bites was making soft crying sounds, when I go in to check on her she quiets down.
Right now she is sleeping in the doorway, (for some reason she either sleeping in the middle of the walk way or in a doorway) and is snoring up a storm.
The house is about eight degrees colder than normal, could this be causing her to act funny? Also we are having very nasty weather with massive thunderstorms (welcome to Missouri) could she be experiencing pain from the changes in weather?
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