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Originally Posted by Longblades View Post
The goal is to educate prospective pet owners to either buy from a reputable breeder or support a rescue. NOt to buy puppies from BYB, pet stores, mills, flea markets etc. But not to punish those who didn't know and did get the pet they love to bits from a bad place. We can't help what we didn't know then, we can do something with what we know now. Good for you, I think your post can be a valuable recounting of experience and hopefully will help out anyone looking for a dog.

You just love your little pups to bits, they deserve it and so do you.
Thanks LB, yes I definitely tell people now be careful and do research; it is not saying that those, probably unhealthy dogs, shouldn't have a good home, but those people need to stop making a profit from these innocent creatures; sure some people may have good intentions of mating their dogs (who live in a loving home), but this is just as irresponsible as any inbreeding, I think.

Thanks everyone for your positive comments, it does make me feel better. And I hope Bestia's siblings are in good homes as well.
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