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Originally Posted by Dog Dancer View Post
Jull I totally hear you about the not rescuing guilt. When we bought these two puppies, we spent a long time searching for a reputable breeder, so at least I know I did that part right, but I also feel guilty about not rescuing. All of my pets prior have come from rescue. Don't dwell on the guilt, you've learned a lot as you said, and you will share that wisdom with others. Your two will not be used to reproduce unwanted puppies, it's all good!
Originally Posted by pattymac View Post
ya don't feel bad for sure!! I've had 3 purebred cats. 2 Manx, includes Bobee, got him from the same breeder and Baxter my British Shorthair, all from breeders. But I've also done the rescue/adopt route too of course. I checked out the breeders of course and they were both excellent. I just wish the Manx breeder hadn't retired cause man they are getting hard to find. It would be sad to see the breed die out.
You know, I think the problem started back from when I was a kid, all of our dogs came from homes of people we knew, there is not alot of knowledge in mexico about reputable or registered breeders, so when I started looking for bestia I really had no direction and honestly I knew nothing about the concept of backyard breeders, actual good breeders, puppy mills... like I said I thought bestia was from a home of a couple dogs, but soon I realized something was up. Now I have learned so much more and now I know how important it is to either go to a good registered breeder or a rescue and what to expect from both.

You are right DD...Never thought about it I am sure my guys would make beautiful babies lol but no chance in hell that will happen
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