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Originally Posted by sublime View Post
Thank you so much for all of the information everyone. We are going to training class tomorrow at 11am and will be going every week for 10 weeks. Between the advice here, my own research and the training, hopefully we can nip this in the bud and make a good dog out of this pup.

I am so surprised at the temperament of this dog but we just did not have the extra $1000 to go to a high end breeder. I have heard it is very rare for this breed to bark, growl or bite.

The 'high end' breeders are usually not that far off the 'cheaper' breeder's prices really. Keeping in mind classes, extra insurance, stress, vet bills and lawsuits for having a dog with a poor temperament or bad health are going to run you a lot more.

It is very rare for the breed to be like that, but the responsible breeders are the ones that would not breed a dog that had those issues. The less than responsible breeders don't usually care what the dog is like so long as it can make puppies to sell.
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