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Originally Posted by sublime View Post
Thank you for your response. I will do just that. My wife is upset because the dog won't come to her and doesn't follow her around like me so she has to chase him to catch him in the house. We are using the crate for potty training, leaving the home, naps and night time.

DON'T CHASE!!!!! Chasing is teaching puppy to run away and is quite a wonderful game for a young puppy.

The first rule when teaching "come" is don't ever, ever, ever use the word "come" if you can not reinforce the command!

The trick to getting a young puppy to come to you (or to your wife) is that you (or your wife) has to be more interesting than whatever the pup is doing. Always use a happy voice, wave a toy, get down on your knees and clap your hands - anything to be exciting. If push comes to shove - whoop and holler and run AWAY from puppy, calling puppy's name. And treat, treat, treat!!
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