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I need some help - Puking cat

Hi there. I am in desperate need of some help. My male cat, Hooligan, 6 years old, had been fed kibble for most of his life. When I began reading and learning about raw, I was convinced that it was the best thing to do for my beloved and I began the process of getting him off kibble and on to a raw fed diet.

Although a very long process, he has been thriving and striving...until today. He completely stopped eating his raw food today - he had no interest in it. What worries me, is that lately I have noticed a few odd things about him.

1- He has been puking GIANT hairballs. I would 2-3x a week. He cleans himself and cleans my other kitty, so I understand why he is passing through such huge hairballs. But, of course, this is not normal. He also passes them through his stool...which confuses me. I also find, what seems like, regurgitated food every now and then. Which makes me wonder whether he is puking up his food or simply trying to get another hairball out.

2- His hair seems to be thinning near his eyebrows (that spot in between his ears and his eyes). Not only is it thinning, he seems to be forming some scabs in that area too. Now, I am unsure whether this is something very serious or stress-related. As I haven't been home AS OFTEN as I usually am with the holidays and such...

3- Finally, he altogether stopped eating his raw last night. I tried with catnip, freeze-dried treats, canned food on it, next to it, you name it I tried it. I even resorted to crushing ONE kibble and placing it over his raw...still no dice. I finally caved and gave him Instinct Variety's Rabbit flavored canned food...because I was worried he hadn't eaten. He seemed interested in the canned food and ate it, maybe like a quarter of his intake for the day. So, not all....

My question is, can this be something more serious? Is there a blockage that might be causing him not to eat and lose his hair above his ears? Please help, I am so very worried about this...
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