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Thanks for the good wishes for the monster!! The visit was GREAT!!! And such a welcome suprise (or shock? ) as it didn't result in anything else having to be done!!! They say there's a first for everything! I guess we're just SO used to "if something can go wrong, it will" when it comes to Nookie

The dentist did a complete oral exam. The tooth that Dr. Karen said was cracked, wasn't! He said he could understand why she thought that because his teeth have "grooves" and one was stained and looked like a crack. Nookies teeth don't have the nice white enamel and he said it's due to the way they were formed when he was a baby, probably because of all his issues, but overall, they're not too bad!

The teeth that are ground down to the dentin, he thinks will repair themselves and the broken canine is to the dentin and he thinks that will also repair itself. He said about 1 out of every 3 oral exams are wrong and they find more once they do x-rays and examine the pockets in the gumline, but he feels that with all Nookies issues, the risk of putting him under just to confirm everything is ok just isn't worth it. He gave us a few things to watch for in case he's wrong and there is something more that he can't see, so we will be monitoring those "signs". Nookie does have a couple of inflamed spots on his gums that may be causing him some owwies so he recommended we use a product called Healthy Mouth. He said it's scientifically proven to reduce tartar and plaque by up to 85%, and being that Nookie isn't a dog that can have a routine cleaning, it will help him to keep his mouth healthier and his teeth longer, so we're going to start using it as well as brushing his teeth everyday. He was wonderful and we really, REALLY appreciated his honesty and true concern for our Nookie
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