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Thanks all! They definitely had a good time
Montana does look good in red! He's growing up to be such a handsome boy

Hazel, they got to see him on the float, but not greet him. That's ok though... they got to take a picture with him a couple weeks ago!

GF, thank you! I think he's looking very good these days. He's definitely feeling better! He still has issues, but for the most part, has come a long way. He's having issues with his teeth right now, so we're going to see a specialist on Tuesday. He broke his bottom right canine and all his teeth are ground to the dentin. He has one tooth that's cracked, but they aren't sure how deep. It may be to the dentin, or it may be to the pulp. Either way, it's going to be a lot of work, and probably very costly. But when isn't it, when it comes to him
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