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I'm Whoopsie, a current college student in Virginia with six pets. I have two cats named Leelu and Sasha, who my boyfriend and I recently adopted from a local SPCA. They're gray fur-faces of love, and will be six months old on September 14th. Before we got them, they were residents of Lowes, where a SPCA volunteer picked them up when she saw workers throwing rocks at them. Leelu is definitely my lap kitty, and Sasha is more of the independent one. They're definitely sisters though, and love to wrestle and cry when separated (we found this out during the spaying period).

We also have three gerbils. Their names are Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi, and they've been with us for three months. These little guys are loaded with personality.

Last, but not least, we have one hermit crab that goes by the name of Shrek. He's been with me the longest, a year.

Oh, and Leelu says hi. She's watching me type from my lap, and in general, being her cute self by passing out on my laptop mouse and lap.

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