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I have to ask just one question. Why not just bring the dog in for a checkup. There are many inexpensive clinics that will do it if cost is a factor. It's probably nothing, but wouldn't it be better to have peace of mind.

I had a rescued Boxer who had dark spots on his white belly. He had them for months. Then, when they filled a bigger area, I thought, "oh, my baby is getting older". I wish I would have brought him in. I found out later it was a sign that his blood wasn't cleaning completely, but it may not be for all dogs. When he became ill a few months later, I found out he had aggressive lymphoma and in a matter of 5 weeks from him going from playing all day to needing to be euthanized due to the cancer taking over and having renal failure. Not that I could have done anything more, but if it's caught soon enough, they can live longer quality of lives.

I have another Boxer and I check her lymph nodes when we play, I check the color of her skin for changes, watch the two small fatty lumps on her back, check her eyes for clearness. She loves the extra attention. I now will be able to see any changes in her and perhaps resolve an issue before it becomes unresolvable.
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