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should a pathologist be consulted?

I was told my dog has a fatty tumor. the vet did not send it out for a pathology report because he looked at it himself. he seemed kind of haphazard in the way he did things. it was our first time there. moved to a new town. but it leaves me wondering if he could have been wrong. i actually know someone whose dog has cancer and his tumor is right exactly where my dog's supposed fatty tumor is, on the right shoulder near the front but right next to the armpit. when you feel it, it does feel like it is attached to the wall of the body vs. just floating around in the skin. It feels like an engorged blister that is attached to the body. The "tumor" part is soft per se but it is not floating around. are there fatty tumors that feel this way? should i get another needle aspiration and have it sent out? she does have another fatty tumor and this is just floating around under the surface of the skin independently. that one feels much different than the one I am writing to you about.

am I being alarmed for no reason? or are my concerns justified?

thank you so much.
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