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Our Girls

I wanted to let you know that everything I learned was by "googling" and experience. Our girls have never bitten even the first day we had them and immediately bathed them in the tub. They are not loud but we found when they play together they make the most noise and its still not loud....its almost a throaty noise. They have to be very happy to make it. Ours now will make their little noises when they are running the house. Lily has a fetish with rawhide dog bones and the one she stole from Boo (my Leonberger) is as big as she is.....she has it in her cage and if you move it to another level in the cage she will get it and put it back were she wants it.....funny to watch. I bought those little rawhides from the dollar store and put them out so she can "pack them" and hide them behind the entertainment unit. Both will stash dog biscuits, not so much items but food related things. Every week we have to move the t.v. to clean up the "treasues" they have accumulated. Rosey has a different personality, call her Nosey Rosey that says it all, she loves to explore. Lil is Silly Lilly because when we play with her she is sassy and makes noises, jumps at you and jumps sideways. They love to be underneath blankets, rugs anything, the sisters love fleece. I hear that some ferrets will bite but for some reason ours do not. I will have to get some pics of "the squirrels" sleeping because the positions are incredible...hanging out of their hammock or under the covers stretched out on their backs....As you can see I love the little critters but my husband is absolutely obsessed with "his girls" pretty cute to watch...doubt he'd want his "rig pig" buddies to know that tho...
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