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Originally Posted by bootcat View Post
For the past few weeks my cat has been vomiting every 2-3 days, sometimes more frequently, and it's just full bits of kibble.
Does sound like possibly scarf-n-barf... although cats can regurgitate food for reasons other than just eating too fast. My recommendation would be to switch her to wet food only. Kibble is actually a really lousy diet for cats, for a number of reasons:

Originally Posted by bootcat View Post
She also sort of scratched off a patch of hair about 2 weeks ago, which I was told was allergies, and shes better from that and it hasn't happened again.
Was she treated with anything?

Originally Posted by bootcat View Post
Today I noticed that shes making a sort of squishing/smacking noise when she moves (opens/closes/yawns) her mouth or tongue.
Do you mean she's smacking or licking her lips? How is her eating today? Lip-smacking can be a sign of nausea. Is she prone to hairballs?
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