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Originally Posted by bootcat View Post
For the past few weeks my cat has been vomiting every 2-3 days, sometimes more frequently, and it's just full bits of kibble. I was at the vet in September and she said that its from my cat eating too quickly, and i should switch to a tray. I finally did then when my cat started vomiting again, so I put her food on a plate. This has sort of worked—she's only thrown up once since I switched her to a plate about a week ago.

She also sort of scratched off a patch of hair about 2 weeks ago, which I was told was allergies, and shes better from that and it hasn't happened again.

Today I noticed that shes making a sort of squishing/smacking noise when she moves (opens/closes/yawns) her mouth or tongue.

At the moment I don't have much money, so most importantly, I want to know what might be wrong with her so I don't waste a visit to the vet when they tell me to come back with stool or whatever, or don't give me very useful information. I'd like to go in prepared and to go in as few times as possible. Also if anyone knows a cheaper vet in NYC that would be helpful.

I really, really love my cat, and would love some help. I'll be eternally grateful
Have you tried looking on line for low cost vet?

I found this one and there are more links to use
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