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Originally Posted by Apple_hun View Post
We are going with a group of people so i am sure they will be understanding....and i will have a crate for the trailer to keep her in when she is left inside. I will definetly keep her a short leash for the first bit to see how she act.She loves the outdoors, so i hope this experience will teach & calm her to new people and surroundings.I also have a travel crate that i can out on my shoulder that i will bring and keep her in if she is scared and gets nippy....i'd hate to crate her in the trailer for longer periods of time. Thank you again for taking the time to help..

Any more opinions/suggestions most definetly welcomed!!
Your training for her will take a couple weeks to a couple months, it will not be finished during a short camping trip. If the group you are holidaying with will respect your requests to keep a comfortable distance, there will be no opportunity for nipping, just opportunities for her to begin to lose her fear of people who are a few feet away. If they are not too close, she can watch them and begin to regain her confidence. If people are getting too close and not doing as you ask, that is the time to remove your dog from the situation so she is not subject to fearful situations she is not ready for. If you take a trip to the outhouse or showers, kennel her while you are gone.

If you are sitting around in a group, you can offer her one of the kennels, open-door, to rest in if she likes, leash still on and held in your hand. However, you must be very careful no-one approaches or peers in to take a look, as she will feel cornered and certainly lunge in self-protection.

Remember you are not punishing your dog for bad behaviour, you are teaching her the world is safe and comfortable.
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