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When I call her and want her to stay, she will stop and look at me so she can listen to my command for this. I have her stay in our big bathroom while I am away on occasion,and yesterday she didnt want any part of being left behind. She was jumping up on me and barking with anxiety. I felt bad but told her "No" and "Down" and when I came home she was just fine and happy to see me. I think this will definetly be a wait & see situation with strangers,as I believe she is fearful of whom she doesnt know. It seems some people frighten her more than others...and i will be informing all adults & kids around this trip to no pet as she can;t be trusted yet. We are going with a group of people so i am sure they will be understanding....and i will have a crate for the trailer to keep her in when she is left inside. I will definetly keep her a short leash for the first bit to see how she act.She loves the outdoors, so i hope this experience will teach & calm her to new people and surroundings.I also have a travel crate that i can out on my shoulder that i will bring and keep her in if she is scared and gets nippy....i'd hate to crate her in the trailer for longer periods of time. Thank you again for taking the time to help..

Any more opinions/suggestions most definetly welcomed!!
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