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Originally Posted by LukeMePirate View Post
The only problem I have with the box too small theory is that he will go in places where the box isnt. When we used to "punish him" by putting him in the bathroom we would leave one box in there so we didn't have to move it all the time. When that happened, he would poop right next to where the box usually was. In terms of sickness: Im no stranger to animals, i was raised on a farm, and there are no real signs of it. I will take him to a vet at the first possible moment, but he isn't experiencing any weight loss, none of his orifices look unusual or irritated, his demeanor has not changed at all, he isn't puking, his waste is solid and regular, he urinates regularly, there are no signs of worms, etc. Im fairly certain this is a hygienic/behavioral issue. I am feeding him kibble, but once again that is a finances issue. If i had all the money I needed, I probably wouldn't be posting on a forum and just approaching professionals directly. However, since I dont have finances, and most of my experience lies with outdoor animals, I am posting. When I get my bills and rent paid I will invest in a larger litter box, but something tells me that wont be the end of it.
I can relate to financial restraints. I did however manage to convince my vet for a payment plan as they know that I am good for it as I have been with them for years. I guess I am lucky in that sense.

I personally have no advice at this point. Maybe ask a rescue group or a shelter if they have any donated litter pans. I know that the SPCA here do have new ones and you pay a fraction of the price.

Good luck to you and the cat of course.
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