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Thanks for the Replies everyone. He is now about 1.5 years old. I have two litter boxes. The litter definitely makes a difference, he will only used natural unscented litter. I have two litter boxes, both of a decent size, one upstairs and one downstairs. They were raised as kittens to share a box, and it hasn't been a problem until the last 2 or 3 months. He will always eliminate right next to the upstairs box (literally right beside it). Like I said before it doesnt matter how many times I scoop the box, he needs the box to be completely scrubbed and with completely brand new unscented litter. His sister is larger than he is and she uses the boxes with no problem. There is no cover on either box though one has the option. I haven't taken him to the vet, unfortunately Im going through a rough financial transition period and don't have the appropriate funds to take him to get looked at. It hasn't seemed to me like it is medical, he hasn't been behaving out of the ordinary. I will see if I can get a larger box or something soon to see if that will help at all. Thanks for the advice, bring any more comments if you think of something!
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