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As stated by others, a vet visit is in order.

I had a similiar problem with a female cat only to find out that the problem was the location of the litter box. The box was in the basement and we found out that she had arthritis and for this reason she did not use the box. Now it is upstairs and she is fine.

If the blood panel comes out clear, then it could be behavioural. If so, I would ask a trusted friend who has no cats to take and see if the problem ceases. I know it is asking alot, but there are people that may help.

From a rescues' point of NOT rehome if behavioural. A shelter will euthanize (without the presence of anyone who gives a hoot), a pound may sell to a laboratory and a rescue group will be burdeoned. Anyways - before even thinking about this - see the vet to find out if there is a medical problem.

Best of luck to you.
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